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About Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. designs and hand assembles color and light measurement technology. Our color measurement instruments to help you quantify, measure, and control color. Consistent color reduces manufacturing downtime and material waste while improving product quality. With an array of applications, our products serve many industries. You can find our equipment on the production line, in the laboratory or out in the field. Known for precision and accuracy, our instruments are the standard of the industry. Turn to Konica Minolta Sensing for all your color measurement needs.

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Spectrophotometer CM-5, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

Spectrophotometer CM-5

The CM-5 is ideal for color analysis within cosmetic R&D and laboratory environments. An advanced all-in-one system, the Spectrophotometer CM-5 is a bench-top measurement instrument designed to evaluate the color and appearance of opaque, transparent, and translucent samples.  Its high precision and advanced capabilities allow cosmetic professionals to effectively analyze, formulate, and control the color and appearance of solids, liquids, creams and powders.

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